Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Costume Drama: Christmas Viewing in the UK

There are scant pickings in literary costume drama this year but below is a list of what is on that will help keep you sane admidst too much drink, too much family and too much food. I have not listed Christmas Carol as frankly most are dire and who really fancies Scrooge? Actually the only one I like is the Muppets’ Christmas Carol with Michael Caine but that’s partly because I have a thing about Gonzo who plays Dickens.

I have also only listed those you can get on freeview channels.

Sunday 24 December Dangerous Liaisons (1988) 21.05 ITV3

Ok – not 19th century but John Malkovich makes a sinister Valmont.

Monday 25 December Nicholas Nickleby (2002) 20.00 BBC2

Did not get great reviews but contains almost every British actor and worth a watch.

Thursday 28 December
Dracula: New TV adaptation
BBC1 21.00

The only exciting new costume drama on - not convinced by the idea of Marc Warren as Dracula, though this brooding picture is persuading me otherwise. I suddenly have an urge to play Bela Legosi's Dead.

Friday 29 December The Railway Children 12.35 ITV1

Yes the 1970 classic – again!

Saturday 30 December Sense and Sensibility (1995) 20.00 C4

By far the best costume drama film on over Christmas – we just love Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon and Emma Thompson’s script is superb.

Monday 1 January Oliver Twist (1948) 16.00 More4

Is Alec Guinness’ Fagin Anti-Semitic? You decide. David Lean’s portrayal of grubby London has no equal.

Cold Comfort Farm (1995) 22.00 BBC4

Ok, again not 19th century but this adaptation is fantastic and Stephen Fry is great in it.

Tuesday 2 January Great Expectations (1946) 12.50 BBC2

The David Lean classic – absolutely atmospheric.

Wednesday 3 January The Importance of Being Earnest (2002) 19.30 BBC2

Rupert Everett and Colin Firth star – so good and the plot is like Frasier (actually that should be the other way round).


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