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Pride and Prejudice: Film 2005

I actually liked this adaptation – though there are some very silly (and socially inaccurate) moments in it, for example Bingley being in Jane’s bedroom at her bedside and the announcing of the Bennet sisters all as ‘Miss Bennet’ at Netherfield to name but two. There is also no real feeling of the ‘shame’ that Lydia put her family through or the real danger to her reputation and that of her sisters that her elopement with Wickham caused.

Such quibbles aside, I liked the fact that the Bennets lived in a disorganised, rustic house and one got the sense that the Bennet sisters really were squabbling, problematic teenagers. The fashions between the generations were more old fashioned – Mrs Bennet and Lady Catherine are in late eighteenth century fashions while the younger ladies are in regency empire dress. The balls are much more rough and tumble and alcoholic. The sense of war going on and patriotism is much bigger than in the BBC 1995 version. Mr Collins is much more creepy – his voice and habit of hanging around in the shadows reminds me of a Dr Who fan/stalker I have met – than comic. Mr Bennet is more unkempt and vague and his library is well used and in constant turmoil.

Matthew Macfaddon’s Mr Darcy is sulky, surly and awkward but in a good way (if you know what I mean). He appears to be shy rather than down right rude, opinionated rather than arrogant and misguided rather than self-righteous. He is also a very passionate Darcy – the proposal scene where he comes close to just snogging Lizzie had me in meltdown in the cinema. I think he is much more of a ‘Bronte’ Darcy than an Austen one. And, though the end is very silly when Lizzie and Darcy walk across the field in the morning mist, what an image of him striding across the fields!

Just a shame about Keira Knightley as Lizzie – let’s say no more.

Those Darcy Moments

A minute to second guide to when Darcy appears on screen – taken from the DVD.
Pictures © 2005 Focus Features

06:01 First appearance in the noisy ballroom
09:07 Won’t dance
09:58 ‘She is perfectly tolerable, I suppose’

12:26 Arch conversation between Darcy and Lizzie on poetry being the food of love
16:40 Darcy and Miss Bingley at breakfast
19:20 Darcy writing a letter
21:21 Miss Bingley and Lizzie walking around the room
22:00 ‘My good opinion once lost is lost for ever’
22:52 Visit of the Miss Bennets
24:23 Touch of hand while handing Lizze into the carriage
36:53 Darcy asks for dance
38:00 The Dance

39:10 Stop in the middle of the dance and look at each other
42:25 bored disdain when dancing with Miss Bingley
57:05 Darcy appears unexpectedly at Lady DeBourghs
58:10 Darcy and Lizzie sat together at dinner
59:58 Great shot of Darcy (hands on hips) and Fitzwilliam
101:15 Darcy comes over to piano and talks to Lizzie

102:24 Darcy stares at Lizzie
102:50 Darcy comes to visit parsonage and clearly perturbed
105:08 Darcy in church. Lizzie told about Darcy’s interference with Bingley and Jane
106:00 Darcy proposal in rain – very breathless.
108:30 Lizzie mentions Wickham and Darcy steps towards her
109:12 Almost kisses her
111:15 Darcy appears to give her the letter
119:40 Lizzie at Pemberley amongst naked neo-classical sculptures
122:47 Darcy and sister
123:03 Darcy sees Lizzie
124:45 Darcy goes to pub in village and meets aunt and uncle
125:30 Darcy and Georgina playing piano
127:10 Letter from Jane
127:50 ‘This is my fault, if it was not for my pride . . .’
133:28 Lizzie finds out about Darcy and Lydia’s wedding

136:33 Darcy and Bingley go to the Bennets Darcy and Bingley
137:15 Exchange of looks
137:27 ‘Are you quite well?’
138:15 Leave taking
138:30 Darcy prepares Bingley for the proposal
140:25 Bingley proposal
141:38 Darcy looking at house from distance
148:42 Darcy walking across the field in the mist
149:37 Darcy and Lizzie meet
150:00 Second proposal Proposal

151:47 Darcy as goes to see father
152:47 Darcy outside waiting for Lizzie

Misc. Info.

Directed: Joe Wright
Script: Deborah Moggach

Matthew Macfadyen - Mr. Darcy
Keira Knightley - Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Bennet
Rosamund Pike - Jane Bennet
Simon Woods - Mr. Bingley

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Can download the trailer on official site.

Working title films website have extra photographs – including behind the scenes:

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