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Pride and Prejudice (1995): Part Two

Those Darcy Moments

A minute-to-second guide to when Darcy appears on screen – taken from the US 2-disc Special Edition. In bold are my best moments.

01:10 Darcy storms home post-proposal
03:29 The truth about Wickham
07:30 Heading out with the letter
08:44 Walking the grove for sometime…
10:26 “Insufferable presumption!” Darcy defends his thwarting Jane’s romance
11:25 The letter continues with Lizzie contemplating with flashbacks
19:56 Confiding in Jane
20:55 “You’ll never be able to make them both good.”
28:11 Has Lydia frightened some of Lizzie’s lovers away?
31:10 Telling Wickham Darcy improves on closer acquaintance
33:50 Heading to Derbyshire
35:14 “I shall conquer this!”
38:20 Pemberley
40:18 “Of all this I might have been mistress.”
41:51 Is Darcy good after all?
43:19 I see a small lake
43:48 Lizzie visibly softens as she stares at Darcy’s portrait
43:55 The coat is coming off
44:01 The cravat is coming off
44:06 The green waistcoat is coming off
44:19 The boots must be off because…
44:30 SPLASH!

44:40 Lizzie is oblivious in the garden
44:50 Lovely wet tendrils of dark curls dripping sown onto a shirt transparent with dampness
44:57 Whose pulse is not racing, whose stomach is not in knots?
45:20 I can hardly stand it…
45:22 Oh Lizzie, you have no idea girlfriend
45:30 AWKWARD – ground swallow me now!
45:35 What the…
45:37 Mr Darcy!?
45:40 Miss Bennet!?
45:41 Yes, yes, everone is in good health

46:29 Darcy escapes
46:44 Lizzie is mortified

(To be continued)

Darcy Moments from the official BBC UK DVD

Episode 4
01:05 Darcy in terrible mood back to Rosings
01:40 Darcy writing letter
07:09 Finishes letter
08:46 Waits to give Lizzie the letter
35:14 Darcy fencing
42:40 Darcy riding towards Pemberley
43:55 The diving scene – removal of clothes
44:31 The dive!
44:50 Wet Darcy
45:30 Darcy meets Lizzie
46:58 Runs down stairs to catch Lizzie and Aunt and Uncle before they leave
50:27 Helps her back in the carriage

Episode 5
01:22 Darcy waits on Lizzie in Inn at Lambton
04:34 Lizzie singing
06:55 Lingering glances over the piano
07:38 Miss Bingley being a bitch
09:00 ‘The most handsomest woman of my acquaintance.’
09:39 Darcy can’t sleep and goes and looks at the piano
10:05 Choosing jacket
14:57 Darcy goes to Lizzie and finds her upset (till 19:10)
38:26 Darcy in London
42:15 Darcy finds Wickham and Lydia

Episode 6
10:40 Darcy insisting on sorting out wedding
19:16 Bingley and Darcy call on Bennets
22:00 Darcy gives Bingley his blessing
39:44 Darcy at Bennets and goes on walk
41:13 Second proposal
46:00 The wedding
48:27 The snog

Production Information

Directed by Simon Langton
Writer/Adaptor: Andrew Davies

Colin Firth - Fitzwilliam Darcy
Jennifer Ehle - Elizabeth Bennet
Crispin Bonham-Carter - Charles Bingley
Anna Chancellor - Caroline Bingley
Susannah Harker - Jane Bennet
Adrian Lukis - George Wickham
Julia Sawalha - Lydia Bennet
Alison Steadman - Mrs. Bennet
Benjamin Whitrow - Mr. Bennet

Official Website

Includes character write-ups and photo-gallery as well as clips and behind the scenes and screensavers. Also you can watch that infamous video clip of Darcy diving into the lake again (and again).

Colin Firth Fan site

Bizaare site!
Pictures and music!!


Suggested Book:
The Making of Pride and Prejudice (BBC)
by Susie Conklin and Sue Birtwistle

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